What frame of Meaning are You Using?

Our 5-year-old son, Mason, asked me what it means when you hear sirens from firetrucks and the ambulance.

I told him it means there are brave and courageous men and women going to help someone. The sirens are an affirmation that there are helpers out there at all times.

That’s the frame of meaning I choose to believe and choose to convey to Mason.

You could put a different frame of meaning on it.

It could mean that someone is hurt…..

…that there is a crisis.

…that there is a scary fire somewhere.

…or many other possible meanings.

I don’t choose those meanings because they are disempowering for me personally.

It makes me feel better and make better choices to associate the sirens with helpers.

The frame of meaning you choose to use in your love life dramatically impacts how you react.

What frame do you choose when…..

…A date rejects you?

…A person flakes or ghosts?

…Someone seems wrong for you?

…When you aren’t sure if you should stay or leave a relationship?

You can choose any number of frames to put around these situations.

You are biologically wired for survival. Not for happiness and a great lasting relationship.

This means you will naturally come up with frames of meaning that are survival based. These meanings usually get in the way of your happiness and success in love.

We teach our clients to CHOOSE frames of meaning that empower them and it’s one of the most important things you can do in your love life.