What happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?


We’re sure you’ve heard about the latest sad news in celebrity coupledom.  Unfortunately, this isn’t your regular celebrity breakup or rehab stint.

Johnny and Amber are getting divorced after 15 months of marriage.  Their marriage was short even in Hollywood years, but that’s the least of it.

Amber is accusing Johnny of domestic violence.  This is getting ugly early.  She said that he has been physically and verbally violent throughout their marriage.  She claims that Johnny snorts cocaine, drinks and gets violent.

These are very serious allegations.

She showed the police pictures of bruises on her face from an alleged violent incident with Johnny.

There are also two sides to every story.

Johnny’s friends are claiming that Amber is blackmailing him and was planning on lying about the domestic violence if he didn’t give in to her demands.

Johnny’s ex-wife has also come out and said that he is not an abusive person and she never experienced anything like it during their 14 year relationship.

We will most likely never know what really happened between these two.  Either way it’s a sad situation.  Either he has been physically abusive and she is going to have to answer many uncomfortable questions or he is totally innocent and will have to live with being labeled an abuser for the rest of his life.

How can we all learn from what happened between these two?

Both Johnny and Amber’s camps are saying that they saw early warning signs about the other’s behavior.

Amber’s camp is saying she saw signs of his abuse right away.

Johnny’s camp is saying they saw signs of her manipulative lies right away.

What you CAN take away from this situation is that anyone you are dating will be showing you who they really are at all times.

It might be very subtle or it might be right in your face.

Most people who have been divorced will tell you they ignored early warning signs about incompatibility.

It’s crucial for you to look at someone you’re dating from a subjective feelings standpoint and also from an objective standpoint.

Try ignoring your feelings for a moment and objectively assess how this guy is treating you.

Ask you friends about him.

Ask your family members about him.

Gather all the information you can.

Don’t ignore any uneasy feelings you have about someone before making the ultimate commitment.  Figure out those uneasy feelings before committing to someone.  Either he isn’t a good match for you or you have some more internal work to do on those uneasy feelings from your past history.

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