What Men Want in a Woman – How to Bring Him Closer

Today let’s rap about what men want in a woman.  It’s not what you think.

Do you want to know one of the craziest secrets to bringing a man closer to you?

To having him so intrigued that he wants to get inside your heart?

To him obsessing over being with you long term?

Don’t you fret, we are about to reveal to you what men want in a woman straight with no chaser…

If you don’t already know, Ashley is EXTROVERTED!

She likes to communicate.

She enjoys talking things through.

She gets recharged by being around people.

She solves problems by interacting with others.


He is the exact opposite of Ashley.

He thinks things through internally.

At times, he’s an anti-social hermit.

He gets recharged by solitary confinement errrrr…. We mean alone time.  Introspective time.

These differences are big.  They’re annoying at times.  Sometimes they trip us up and lead to disagreements.  A lot of times they lead to laughs and giggles about the weirdness of us humans.

Now some gooorooos are going to feed you a rap that extroverts and introverts aren’t compatible.

Sometimes this is true and many times it isn’t.

For us, being extroverted and introverted has brought us CLOSER together.

The way we handle our talker/non-talker differences make us a GREAT fit for each other.

This is also one of the SECRETS to bringing a man closer to you.

How do you handle differences between the two of you?

Do your reactions bring you closer together or drive you apart?

Does how you talk about your differences improve your connection or lead to disconnection?

Contrary to popular opinion, men think deeply about getting closer to you and what life would look like with you long term.

How you two handle your differences right now day in and day out is one of THE DECIDING FACTORS whether a man gets closer to you or not.  Whether he commits to a relationship long term or not.

If the two of you communicate about these differences in contentious, intense, blaming or demanding ways regularly, it will drive you apart.

On the flip side, if you’re able to communicate with each other effectively about your differences, it will bring you two closer together.  It blows someone away when you can overcome and communicate differences together and with grace.

That’s what men want in a woman for a long term relationship.

What Men Want in a Woman – How to Bring Him Closer

what men want in a woman