What Men Want in a Woman Straight from the Horses Mouth

Today you will learn what men want in a woman.  We will break it down for you so that you have a good idea what men are looking for.

What do men want?

What are the best guys out there looking for in a woman?

We get a version of this question from women all the time.


Today we are going to give you insider’s peek into what men want.

BUT focusing on what men want is not your best place to start.

FIRST you want to focus on what YOU want.

You want to focus on SELF-AWARENESS.

What do you want and need in a partner?

Go beyond the superficial.

What do you want and need in a man for you to BE YOUR BEST SELF in a relationship?

What kind of partner brings out the best in you?

You also want to bring self-awareness to your strengths.

What do you bring to the table in a relationship?

What are you most attractive personality characteristics?

Are you funny?  Smart?  Warm?  Sensual?

Who are you authentically?

What do you want to express about YOU in a relationship?

This self-awareness and these questions are where you put your focus first.

Only after you’ve done that do you start to think about what men want.

Why is this so important?

It’s important because you don’t want to be something you’re not to attract a man.

It’s also important because KNOWING who you are and what you want without attachment is one of the biggest qualities men want in a woman.

That’s right.

What Men Want in a Woman

Men want to be with a woman who knows herself.  Someone who knows what she wants.  A woman who can communicate what she wants without being attached to any particular guy being that.

We teach our clients how to identify and communicate their wants and needs to men while remaining warm, playful and connected.

This is the key.

It’s communicating what you want in an effective way.

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael