What Turns Guys Off – This Turns a Man off Quicker than you Farting in his Face

What turns guys off quicker than anything else?  That is what we’re about to lay down for you on today’s Date to Soul Mate Show.

what turns guys off

You just met someone you are really interested in.

You have only been on one date.

BUT, you have all the FEELS.

You haven’t felt this way in a long time.

He is handsome.





Passionate about his career AND successful.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also sweetly philanthropic.

He donates time, energy, and finances to some really powerful organizations.

Straight up WINNER.

You don’t want to blow it.

He’s really the only guy you have found interesting in a LONG TIME.

You stop swiping and responding to other men.

It’s hard not to focus only on such a great guy.

But, after a couple of dates, he seems to be pulling away.

You try to push things forward, but he disappears.

Now you need time to heal and swear off dating for a bit.

Days…..weeks…..months…..go by.

Then, a great friend gets engaged.


Guess you have to get back out there and try dating AGAIN.


What Turns Guys off – Being emotionally invested too soon

It is hard not to go all in when you meet someone you really like!

But, if you don’t keep connecting with other people and this relationship ends, you have to start all over.

Starting over really, really sucks.

It’s not fair.

The solution is to make sure that you don’t go all in until you are exclusive with someone.

You have to have the mindset that you are excited about this guy, but you don’t know yet if he is what you are looking for.

Wait until you have a mutually agreed upon, TALKED ABOUT, exclusivity.

No, “thinking” you aren’t dating other people does not equal being exclusive.

How and when you approach the topic of exclusivity is critical.


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

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