What’s the best dating app/site to use?

Today we break down what you need to know about which dating app/site to chose.

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We often get asked “what is the best dating app/site to use for me?”

This is a complicated question and there are several variables you want to consider in choosing which app or site to use.

As many of you know we previously worked at eHarmony and have clients using any and all the different dating apps or sites. We have A LOT of data to help inform what we recommend to our clients.

Here the most important factors to consider:

1. There is no holy grail of dating apps/sites.
There isn’t one dating site or app that is far and away better than the others. They all have pro’s and con’s.

2. Which dating site you choose is important but HOW you USE the site app/site is MORE IMPORTANT.

This is the hardest one for people to wrap their heads around. Which site you choose is important, but it isn’t the most important factor. What you do on the site and how you use the app are what lead to your success or lack of results with online dating.

3. Does the app/site have a big enough match pool that is compatible with the kind of person you’re looking for?

Are there enough of the kind of men you’re looking for using the app?

4. Does the site/app have enough of the right people in your city or area.

5. Does the functionality of the app/site work for your personality and preferences.

The best app or site to use is the one you’ll keep using until you meet the right person. The functionality of the app or site and the ways in which you connect and or message people matters in whether you’ll burn out or not.

In many ways the best dating site or app for you is like the best diet or way of eating for you. The best one for you is the one you can use and stick to until you get results.

6. As of February of 2019, the sites or apps our clients are getting the best results with are bumble, hinge, and match. We have many other clients getting great results with other sites or apps but in pure numbers of success those are slightly ahead as of now.

Let us help you find the best site or app for you to use and teach you step-by-step HOW to use it so you can get the results you want. Book a call with us so we can help you with this right away.

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