Where are All the Good Men? – Why Can’t I Find or Connect with a Great Guy?

We get asked all the time “where are all the good men?”  Why can’t I meet and get into a relationship with a great guy?

where are all the good men

Every once in awhile you see a great guy online.

When you message them, they don’t respond.

You wait and hope that something will land in your inbox but the same cycle keeps happening.

It’s not that you aren’t getting any action.

Plenty of men are reaching out to you.

It’s just not usually the ones that seem intriguing, exciting, and fun.

Why is it so hard to find and connect with a great guy?

What do you need to do differently to meet these guys?

Where are all the good men – There are three reasons why this could be happening to you.

First, you may not be showing up in a way that leads you to connect with the kind of guy you want.

This is a harsh truth, but it is reality.

If men you are interested in aren’t responding, you are not setting yourself apart as the distinction.

Are you bringing to the table all of the things that you are asking of a partner?

Is the way you are communicating with these men effective in being able to connect and take things to the next level.

Second, you could just not be meeting the right people.

How are you meeting men now?

Are you meeting people online and offline?

Are you putting yourself out there?

Finally, you might just not have enough numbers.

Finding the right person requires getting out on a number of dates.

You need to talk to a lot of people to learn more about yourself and what you want and need in a relationship.

Many professional women are swiping or looking at profiles but never actually connecting with any men or getting out on dates.

Have you really been making your love life a priority?

What are you missing out on by continuing to shelf it?

We spoke to someone last week who was categorizing her life in decades.

She said…

“In my 20’s I was going to school.”

“In my 30’s, I was focusing on my career.”

“Now, I’m in my 40’s, and I wish I would have done something different.”

You don’t want to be the person who misses out on having love and companionship.

You don’t want to keep spending your nights alone when there is no good reason for you to.

This can be solved and we can help.

If you want to change your love life before the end of the year, you have to get moving now.

If you are cool being alone, that’s great. Stay where you are.

If not, fill out this quick app and we can find out if we can help you meet the right guy:


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn