Where are you stuck?

Many of the clients we work with in our live workshop are stuck in meeting the wrong guys.

They are DOING all sorts of things to meet men.

They are online dating.

Meeting men offline.

Speed dating.

Hiking dating.

Some of you are not meeting ANY MEN.

You feel stuck in knowing where to meet men.

The bad news is that this won’t change UNLESS you DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

The saddest part is to see an amazing woman like you STAY STUCK for no good reason.

Some of our clients believe they are unique in their challenges.

You might think…

Where I live it’s impossible.

The way I look it’s impossible.

Because of my career it’s impossible.

and we have to tell you it IS POSSIBLE.

We’ve worked with thousands of women.

You aren’t a snowflake with unique insurmountable problems.

We’ve seen the challenges your facing right now many times before and with simple but DIFFERENT strategies YOU CAN DO IT.

When you are stuck in meeting the wrong guys or no guys, you are stuck in either.

Meeting guys in the wrong places!


How you’re showing up at these places (you aren’t attracting the right guys for you and repeling the wrong guys).

That’s it.

Take a look at your dating patterns and figure out which one of these issues is a problem for you.  You could have difficulties with both.

This simple way of identifying where you’re stuck and then taking the right steps to get your @ss moving in the right direction is what we teach our clients in Single to Soul Mates University.

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Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn