Who’s Infiltrating Your Mind & Decisions?


It is a glorious day here in wine country California. Tuesday nights here are FARMERS MARKET starting at 5:30pm. We had an amazing time last night picking up some veggies, sipping on some bubbly, listening to the local band and devouring tasting eats from the GREEN Grocer (a bomb food stand that uses fresh ingredients straight from the market).

Despite all the fun we are having, we carved out a bit of time to talk with you about something very important…..

BUT first we want to congratulate one of the members of our facebook group – Modern Romance for Professional Women (www.modernromancesociety.com).

Nicole M. is the WINNER of our latest CONTEST. She added the most BA.DASS and qualified WOMEN to the group and she is the big winner. We’ve reached out to her privately to give her the good news.

She is going to get a private and exclusive hot seat session with us for F.REE! This is going to be the first step for her to join all the other elite women at TEAM ARN who have found lasting love with the man they want.

Way to go Nicole, let’s do this together.

On to giving you immense value, because that’s what we are famous for….

We shot a brand new video for YOU talking about WHO’S INFILTRATING YOUR MIND.

You don’t want to take advice from anybody and everybody.

You don’t want other people, even those people closest to you to bring you down. To get in the way of you living the life YOU KNOW your meant to live.

We don’t allow that on TEAM ARN.

Remember we are on a mission to have the relationship we want, with WHO we want, while making the impact we want. Picture what taking action on living that life will mean for you in a year from now! In 5 years from now! What about in 30 years from now?

When you are on a mission that BIG AND BOLD, you have to shut out all the noise that will throw you off course.

Go watch how to make sure the WRONG people and sources of information aren’t infiltrating your mind and your decisions here:

If you want to join us on the inside and have us help you personally meet the man you want, book a call to talk with us. Don’t panic if we’re completely booked, that just means all the slots have been taken. Reach out to us and let us know if that’s the case and we’ll put you on the wait list.

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