Why is Dating is So Hard? Here are 5 Reasons and What you Can do to Find Your Person

Why is dating so hard these days?

One of the most common questions we get asked by our clients and readers is why is dating so hard today.

The amount of single men and women is at an all time high so it should be easier to find love right?

Not so fast. We’ll explain why the opposite is actually true later.  Dating and relationships are very confusing today.

There are a number of reasons dating is so frustrating and confusing right now.

Why is Dating So Hard Today?

1. People have unlimited partner options due to technology and globalization (online dating, social media, etc.).

You have more choices and options in terms of potential partners which is a good thing and a bad thing. Psychologists have coined the term “paradox of choice” to refer to the downsides of having many choices.

On the surface level having many potential partners seems like a good thing (and it is at times), but it also creates challenges for you mentally and emotionally when it comes to finding love.

You need to learn specific mental and emotional strategies to be able to quickly and easily make the best choices for you when it comes to love.

2. People have increasingly High Expectations for a Partner.

The concept of being happy in a relationship is relatively new (the past 50-100 years). Think about it, cavemen and cavewomen didn’t even think about their happiness.

They created a relationship in order to have babies and further our species.

Because the idea of expecting to be happy in a relationship is relatively new, we are often not good at it. We are like babies trying to take their first couple of steps. Many of us either have way to extreme of expectations or we don’t have any at all.

3. Rejection is easier with more partner options and with less face to face interactions.

Let’s face it, when you have unlimited partner options and you can just send someone a text, IM, or social media message that you are moving on, it’s a lot easier to dump someone.

4. Sex is easier to obtain.

Not much to say here because it’s pretty obvious. Today, you don’t need to be a in a relationship to enjoy sex or have babies. This makes finding lasting love much more complicated.

5. With such high standards and unlimited options people are looking to quickly eliminate potential partners not find their soul mate.

This is the biggest change in dating/relationships over the past 50 years. With today’s busy schedules and focus on hyper-productivity, people often aren’t looking for “the one”. They are looking to eliminate potential partners based on negative male/female stereotypes.

This has switch has been a game changer in relationships and it has made today’s dating world complicated and confusing.

Now that you understand why dating is so hard, you can take action and do something about it if you really want to find someone special.

Say yes to love,

Dr. Michael Arn and Dr. Ashley Arn