Why is it hard finding love? What are the common mistakes we make?

Have you been on a major love sucking streak?


Has your craydar been off?  (craydar is your ability to spot crazy men)


It is hard to find lasting love.  No doubt about it our ami.  You are not alone in your frustration.


Dr. Ashley Arn was a featured guest on The Love Show with eHarmony.  In this show Dr. Ashley talks with two of eHarmony’s Vice President’s Jeannie Assimos and Grant Langston about why it is so hard to find love.


She has a lot of experience in helping people find love as lead matchmaker at eHarmony.   Dr. Ashley shares the most common mistakes people make in dating.  You’ll learn why you should never date a man named Derek.  No just kidding.


You will discover her dating insights after she has gone through thousands of profiles and witnessed millions of data points and dating patterns.  You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t from someone who has been on the front lines both personally and professionally.


the love show podcast

Click the link below to listen to Dr. Ashley on the Love Show with eHarmony.

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Here is a link to all of The Love Shows with eHarmony.    http://www1.play.it/audio/the-love-show-with-eharmony/



Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn