Top 4 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

Discover why men pull away after getting close.  Why do men disappear after things seemed to be going well?  We’ll answer these questions for you once and for all.

It really hurts when a guy you’re dating just disappears.

You have a great date and you never hear from him again.

You have a great first few months only to have him ghost on you.


Maybe you have some flirty and fun messages back and forth online or on an app only to have him stop responding.

Having a guy suddenly disappear or ghost with no explanation is one of the most confusing and upsetting parts of dating.

In the latest Date to Soul Mate Show we talk about the Top 4 Reasons Why Men Disappear to Ghost.

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The four main reasons that men ghost are:

  • They don’t feel physical attraction or chemistry.
  • The emotional connection is missing.
  • There is an incompatibility.
  • He is not relationship ready.

If ghosting is happening to you often, sometimes it is because you are attracting the wrong kind of men.

Usually, it is because you aren’t setting yourself apart as the DISTINCTION instead of the majority.

Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn