Will I Ever Find Love?


Melissa came to our office. She was going to do some coaching with us on her love life. She was smart, strong, and successful and was what most men would consider physically attractive. She had been putting a lot of effort into finding her soul mate.


In fact, she had been doing this for at least 10 years. She had been dating guy after guy, but it never seemed to work. From the outside it seemed like she had everything together and that she would be the type of woman that could easily attract a great guy.


When she came to us she felt pretty hopeless. She was close to giving up on love forever.


She went from asking herself “When will I find love?”


“Will I ever find love?”


Unfortunately, we hear the same frustration and hopelessness from many women when we first meet them. It’s very common and many women make the same mistakes or date the same wrong guys over and over again.  It’s very demoralizing.


Sometimes a little voice inside your head starts saying, “What’s wrong with me?” You might also think “All men are just immature idiots. “There’s just something wrong with men.”


The other thing that’s frustrating about dating is that it’s usually not something you get better at with practice, unless you get outside help from an expert.


With most things in your life such as your career or a hobby, you get better little by little with practice. You pick up new skills along the way and you slowly get better as you go.


We found with dating and relationships, the opposite is true. The majority of the time an individual’s dating skills actually get worse as time goes on because they are compounded by frustration, desperation and bad advice.  The more you date the wrong guys or make the same mistakes in relationships, the more discouraged you get.


The reason it’s difficult to get good at dating with trial and error learning is because many of the steps to attracting and connecting with your soul mate are counter intuitive. These are things that do not make sense and feel somewhat uncomfortable to do at first.  That’s why it’s difficult to learn and improve over time.


With the right help you can learn how to attract the right kind of person for you.  If you’d like to learn the counter intuitive strategies so you can find love and make it last…..


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Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn