You can be a special snowflake


He has studied how to be unhappy for decades and is a renowned teacher in the art of unhappiness.

If you want to be exceedingly unhappy look no further than the exquisite teachings of Dr. Mcsaderson!

If you would rather become an Un-unhappiness expert, you may want to just notice if you’re using any of these strategies and how they are impacting your life.

The special snowflake:

In today’s lesson you are going to learn one of the most powerful strategies for being unhappy.

If you do this right you will be so unhappy that your family and friends will be absolutely impressed with your unhappiness skills.

Sure there are many unhappy people out there, but with dedicated practice you can learn to surpass most other people’s unhappiness.


What you do is you develop a very special mindset.

You create a belief system that you are special in your problems.

You believe that you are a special snowflake when it comes to living a hard life.

That your problems are the worst.

That these problems have only happened to you.

That no one else understands what you’re going through.

That everyone else has it easier than you.

That it’s not fair that ONLY YOU have to deal with these problems and challenges.

When people try to comfort you, you have to vehemently repeat in your mind that they don’t GET YOU.  They don’t UNDERSTAND and they don’t CARE.

When other people suggest solutions you instantly fire back with…

that works for others but not me…

that’s not who I am…

I and only I can’t do that…..

I have to warn you that this strategy isn’t easy.  You will have to training your mindset constantly to use the special snowflake strategy.

You will confronted with other people’s problems.  You will see unhappiness and problems in other people you know.

You will have to either completely ignore or dismiss other peoples problems.

You will have to guard against your natural tendency for empathy and continue to focus solely on your problems and struggles.

If you start to have empathy for other people or start to think about possible solutions to your problems, jolt yourself back into the misery of your problems.  Don’t focus on what actions you can take the change your life.

Focus on the misery of the present moment and how there is nothing you can do because your a special snowflake when it comes to problems.

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Your happiness experts,

Dr. Michael & Dr. Ashley Arn